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A future embedded 
in a history of scientific questioning


An understanding of science is essential to daily life, helping us appreciate the intricacies of an evolving world. The Society of Jesus has a long history of engaging with the intersection of faith and reason, developing a reputation for excellence in these areas.

Key Jesuits in history have encouraged us to think, question, and act — and have been pioneers and leaders in areas of science and technology.

In all areas of learning, we encourage students to engage in critical thinking across disciplines and this comes to the fore, especially in the area of science and mathematics. Wingaru, our dedicated science and technology building, will allow us to continue this great Jesuit tradition, aligning with the College’s commitment to human excellence. This new learning environment is the College’s response to the challenge of Fr Arturo Sosa SJ, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, for our “institutions to be spaces for educational investigation, true laboratories in teaching, from which we can draw new teaching methods or models.”

Supporting and fostering 
our students’ pastoral care

The College fosters each student’s growth and formation, instilling self-worth and enabling meaningful contributions to the community. Cura Personalis, a key Jesuit value, underpins this approach; this means caring for our students’ intellectual, emotional, moral, and spiritual development.

Wingaru is designed to enhance our strong culture of pastoral care, providing six additional House spaces and strengthening the connection between learning and wellbeing. Co-locating House spaces alongside staff rooms will enable easier access to students for guidance, counselling and mentoring.

What I loved most about my time at Riverview was being around that close-knit community, who support and care for each other, helping us to be our best and taking this out to the world beyond Riverview.”

Taine Woodford (OR2020)
First Nations Bursary recipient

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